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I’ve met tons of great people in our business and Ed is among the very best.  He’s smart, efficient and gets great results.  His track record of success is second to none.  Easily one of the smartest people in any room. I am very confident in his abilities at all levels to perform and bring in stellar ratings and revenues.


Joel Denver

President & Publisher

Before most anyone recognized the value of Jonas Brothers music, Ed Moloney did. Same can be said for Miley Cyrus and a number of our other great gold/platinum selling acts. Ed has consistently been at the forefront of picking our hits. His ears have proved right every time. Ed has also been incredible to work with promotionally – inventive and motivated. He thinks on a bigger-than-life scale, which suits our bigger-than-life artists.  Ed is a consummate professional. More than that, he’s an exceptional person and the great reason that I have made his business central to ours.


Scot Finck 

VP of Promotions, Hollywood Records

I worked with Ed Moloney for several years. His production skills were impeccable and his leadership and ability to get things done and done right the first time made him my "go-to" guy for all things 'radio.'  Ed helped me select the music and the clips for my morning show on WBCN, and his taste and creativity got us great ratings and high respect in the industry. I highly recommend Mr. Moloney for any position that would require leadership, organizational abilities and (as I said) "all things radio-related".

Please feel free to call me anytime (24/7) at 808-268-1525.

Charles Laquidara

Top rated Morning Personality at WBCN, Boston from 1973 to 2000

The great thing about Ed is his ability to completely focus on the task at hand while keeping his radar perfectly tuned into finding what was next.  He is the poster child for self-motivation and follow thru.  In the nearly 5 years Ed worked under me at DMX, he single handedly reinvented his position and created content that gave us great exposure and heightened our credibility with clients and within the industry

Rick Gillette  

Former SVP of Programming, DMX Music

Ed and I worked very closely together to pitch potential advertising clients and close deals at BusRadio.  He created successful ad campaigns, promotions and product integration for advertisers. His vast programming knowledge combined with his presentation and people skills were a great asset to our entire sales team.

Les Hollander

Senior Director of Sales, Spotify






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