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                                                                      Where has the “art” of radio programming gone?

Yeah I know we all  have too much to do, many of us programming multiple stations etc., so it is quicker to plug some research numbers into the music scheduling software and just let it produce our music logs then put them on the air.  They will be mathematically correct algorithms, right?  Or will they?

Music has a soul and cannot be programmed 100% by computer software.

Sure the research is important, no doubt about it, but you also have to put away the excel spreadsheets sometimes and just turn up the radio and listen to what is coming out of the speakers (preferably at a loud volume) Use your gut!!

Have your algorithms put together the best possible music sweeps?  Doubtful.

The art of music playlist editing is gone.  Either you don’t have time for it or even worse you don’t think it’s an art!

I combine music research with a well set up scheduling software system and I LISTEN.  I FEEL what the radio station sounds like and that will make the difference in this algorithm leaning world.

There is a reason why Pandora and Spotify have not put radio out of business. 

I offer:

Music scheduling and database creation.

Music research and ratings analysis.

Competitive analysis.

Station and local market evaluation.

Custom 24/7 formats for multiple stations.

And most importantly HANDS ON daily music scheduling evaluation on how your radio station sounds coming out of the speakers not just what it looks like on paper!

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